Netherlands VPS

Our Netherlands VPS Hosting built on Servers with the latest Intel Hybrid Technology Enabled Nodes. We have Robust Connectivity to make sure each VPS delivers Optimal Performance & Offer Flexibility to host large websites and database driven applications with ease.

Buy an RDP   Netherlands VPS online with only a few clicks. You will get an instant Windows dedicated RDP (Remote Desktop) VPS within few minutes. By an RDP you can have 24/7 days online computer with so much hardware and resources




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 SSD  Netherlands Windows/Linux VPS

PROCESSOR  CPU Cores RAM  Disk Space Bandwidth Location Price  Order Now
XEON-E31271 v3 1v Core 1024 MB 25 GB SSD 1TB Traffic $10 /month BUY NOW
XEON-E31271 v3 2v Core 2048 MB 40 GB SSD 4TB Traffic $21 /month BUY NOW
XEON-E31271 v3 3v Core 3072 MB 60 GB SSD 6TB Traffic $25 /month BUY NOW
XEON-E31271 v3 4v Core 4096 MB 80 GB SSD 8TB Traffic $33 /month BUY NOW
XEON-E31271 v3 6v Core 6144 MB 100 GB SSD 12TB Traffic $45 /month BUY NOW
XEON-E31271 v3 8v Core 8192 MB 120 GB SSD 16TB Traffic $57 /month BUY NOW

SAS Netherlands  Raid 10 Windows/Linux VPS

PROCESSOR  CPU Cores RAM  Disk Space Bandwidth Location Price
2*Intel Xeon E5620 1v Core 1024 MB 50 GB RAID 10 1TB Traffic $10 /month BUY NOW
2*Intel Xeon E5620 2v Core 2048 MB 75 GB RAID 10 4TB Traffic $21 /month BUY NOW
2*Intel Xeon E5620 3v Core 3072 MB 100 GB RAID 10 6TB Traffic $25 /month BUY NOW
2*Intel Xeon E5620 4v Core 4096 MB 150 GB RAID 10 8TB Traffic $33 /month BUY NOW
2*Intel Xeon E5620 6v Core 6144 MB 200 GB RAID 10 12TB Traffic $45 /month BUY NOW
2*Intel Xeon E5620 8v Core 8192 MB 250 GB RAID 10 16TB Traffic $57 /month BUY NOW

Blocking any type of IP attack

  • Protocol abuse attack defense
    Defense against IP spoofing, LAND, Fraggle, Smurf, Winnuke, Ping of Death, Tear Drop, IP Option, IP Fragment Control Packet, TCP Label Validity Check, Large ICMP Control Packet, ICMP Redirect Control Packet and ICMP Unreachable Control Packet attacks.
  • Web attack defenseDefense
    against HTTP Get Flood, HTTP Post Flood, HTTP Head Flood, HTTP slow header flood, HTTP Slow Post Flood, HTTPS Flood and SSL DoS/DDoS attacks.
  • Scanning and sniffing attack defense
    Defense against Port Scanning, IP Scanning, Tracert Control Packet, IP Option, IP Timestamp and IP Routing Record attacks.
  • DNS attack defense
    Defense against DNS Query Flood attacks from real or spoofed source IP addresses, DNS Reply Flood attacks, DNS Cache Poisoning attacks, DNS Protocol Vulnerability Exploits and DNS Reflection attacks.
  • Network-layer attack defense
    Defense against SYN Flood, ACK Flood, SYN-ACK Flood, FIN/RST Flood, TCP Fragment Flood, UDP Flood, UDP Fragment Flood, NTP Flood, ICMP Flood, TCP Connection Flood, Sockstress, TCP Retransmission and TCP Null Connection attacks.
  • SIP attack defense
    Defense against SIP methods Flood attacks.
  • Mobile attack defense
    Defensible DDoS attacks launched by mobile botnets, for example, AnDOSid/WebLOIC/Android.DDoS.1.origin.
  • Botnet traffic blocking:
    Blocking of controlling traffic of botnets, active zombies, Trojan horses, worms, and tools, such as LOIC, HOIC, Slowloris, Pyloris, HttpDosTool, Slowhttptest,Thc-ssl-dos, YoyoDDOS, IMDDOS, Puppet, Storm, fengyun, AladinDDoS, and so on C&C DNS request traffic blocking
  • Feature-based filtering Blacklist
    HTTP/DNS/SIP/DHCP field-based filtering, and IP/TCP/UDP/ICMP/Other Protocol field-based and load feature-based filtering.